With the holiday season nearly upon us, we though that it would be great time to pick out a few of our favourite investment books for you to enjoy this Christmas. These are just some of the investment books that we think bring a fresh take on thinking about investing, and should be essential reading for anyone who is wanting to approach 2019 with a financial strategy that works.

  1. “The Intelligent Investor,” by Benjamin Graham

We’re going to start with an old one – this was originally first published way back in 1949. That makes it no less essential in our eyes, and if you are serious about your investing then this is a book that really needs to be on your shelf. It is particularly strong on how to create sustainable long term investment strategies that really work, and lays out the basics of what is known as value investing. It is a fascinating read, and the new version also includes great notes on the current financial markets and the relevance of the book’s original lessons. A classic read for any investor.

  1. “Unshakeable,” by Tony Robbins

The chances are you will already have read quite a few of Robbins’ books on investing – he is one of the sector’s biggest names and a real thought leader in many different ways. To be honest, you could pick any of Robbins’ books (or go to any of his classes) and learn a huge amount about becoming a better investor, but this latest book is a great primer for beginners. So, if you (or someone you know) is just starting out in the investment business, then this is a perfect choice – Robbins has an enthusiasm and passion for his subject that is, well, unshakeable.

  1. “Popular Economics” by John Tamny

Not one on investing specifically, but we had to include John Tamny’s book because this is that rare and wonderful thing – a fun book on economics. Of course, if you are an economics buff already then you may not need converting, but for the rest of us this is a great way into what can sometimes feel like an intimidating subject. Tamny’s approach is brilliantly accessible – he has a lively and practical style that really brings economic principles alive and explains them simply. He is also great at using examples that are truly accessible, for example dipping into Mick Jagger’s tax bill to deliver one particular lesson. A great read, and one for anyone looking to get a better understanding of the basic economics that underpin many of the financial decisions that we make as investors.

  1. “The Meaningful Money Handbook” by Pete Matthew

Practicality is also the name of the game for Pete Matthew, who has created a book that really should be on everyone’s shelf, whether they are an investor or not. This is an indispensable guide to managing your money, and making the most of the finances you have at your disposal. He takes a very clear, practical approach that avoids confusing financial terms and instead uses everyday language to break down the basic principles of managing your money. Absolutely essential.

  1. The DIY Investor, by Andy Bell

Andy Bell’s genius is that he manages to make the often complex and intimidating world of investing accessible and manageable for investors of all levels. He has done a fantastic job of breaking it down in a way that is full of practical advice on everything from how to choose an ISA to dipping your toe into the stock market for the first time. There really is something for everyone here and whether you are new to investing or have been doing it for a while you will find plenty of food for thought here.

All of the books we’ve included here offer new ways of thinking about investing. Finance is one of those areas where ideas are continually evolving, and having an understanding of the latest theories can really help you to sharpen up your investing instincts. We’re firm believers in the need to keep learning in order to stay ahead – so make your first investment of 2019 a good read for this holiday season.